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265 – Gamma beam port monitor

One of the scientific and technical achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the gamma ray port monitor in two personnel and truck models, which was designed and produced by a knowledge-based company active in the field of core electronic systems.
Personal Model Port Monitor:
This monitor is used to inspect people and equipment for the presence of radioactive materials for entry and exit in hospitals, industrial, nuclear facilities, borders, customs and… and to control the pollution of people working in the nuclear industry and the contamination of people and equipment in radiation accidents.
This monitor has a two-column port with a modular design and its alarm system is audio and optical. The detection range of this monitor is 1.8 meters high and 1 meter wide.
Truck port monitor:
From the port model of the truck model to inspect the passage of light and heavy vehicles for the presence of gamma, X and pollution control at the borders, customs and entry and exit points of trucks into the country, control of entry and exit of nuclear facilities, control The entry and exit of raw materials and equipment to industries through trucks and containers, pollution control of loads and heavy equipment in radiological accidents and control of scrap iron load and raw materials entering the steel and mining industries are used.
The truck model port monitor has a standard two-column vehicle port or modular design, it can be used for all types of light and heavy vehicles (maximum width 4.5 meters and maximum height 5 meters). Its alarm system also has audio and optical in case of detection of pollution and the ability to connect traffic signs (the way of the customer’s request) and the ability to connect the camera to photograph passing vehicles (license plates) from the gate is also designed for this monitor.

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