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262- Thermal sprayer

Following the outbreak of coronavirus and the need to disinfect public roads and places, Iranian engineers and specialists decided to use the greenhouse sprayer and gardens in another way.
In this regard, experts have designed a new device of thermal mist or fugo that can spray up to 25 meters and decompose particles of disinfectant solution up to 20 microns.

It is worth mentioning that the new series of these devices with a more powerful engine and a reservoir of up to 2,000 cc, as well as after-sales service and warranty compared to its foreign model, has been sent to the market. It will be suspended in space and will cover a larger area.

Thermal fogger or sprayer is a device for spraying gardens and greenhouses, which is also used to disinfect passages and public places. After the outbreak of Corona in the country, institutions such as the army and the fire department used this device to disinfect public places and thoroughfares. The first series of thermal fogger can spray up to 25 meters and removes particles of disinfectant solution up to 20 microns. In this way, the fog stays in space longer and covers a larger area. This device sprays the disinfectant solution so finely that it does not penetrate the soil, so it does not harm the plants. The CEO of this Danesh bonyan company, noting that new series of this device will enter the market soon, said: “The new models of thermal fogger machine have a stronger engine and more spray power, their engine volume is one thousand to two thousand cc, it covers more space and They can be installed on the car. The price of the Chinese sample is 28 million Tomans and the German sample is 35 to 60 million Tomans. While the domestic sample costs 13 million tomans and in addition the customer can use the warranty and after-sales service.

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