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Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble

Sheikh Safi al-Din (a famous poet and theosophist) Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble is the largest, the most complete and prominent monastery inspired by Islamic theosophical philosophy and constructed using the Iranian traditional architectural elements of the previous periods (e.g. Ilkhanid & Timurid).

Sheikh Safi al-Din (the ancestor of Safavid kings) Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble, is an artistic and architectural masterpiece which was built commissioned by Sadr-al-din Musa, Sheikh’s son, in 735 AH and the other parts of the complex were added in the early Safavid dynasty.

The main building of the complex, i.e., Allah Allah dome, has an octagonal structure with a turquoise blue dome on which the word of “Allah” has been repeated several times and the Tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble is located under.

There are also others entombed in the complex such as Shah Ismail I (The First king of Safavid), his wife (Mother of Shah Tahmasp), some elders, officials and victims of Chaldiran battle.


Other sectors of the complex include Janat serā mosque, Qandil Khāneh, Chini Khāneh, Chelle Khāneh, Sharbat Khāneh, Shahid Gāh (a graveyard for vistims of Chaldiran battle), Haram Khāneh and, alcove (Shāh Neshin). In addition, the other sectors as a library, mosque, school, hospital, kitchen, bakery and some administrative offices were added to this complex.

Putting together many different and outstanding works of art including Mosaic tile Muqarnas, beautiful stucco inscriptions and the calligraphy of the great  Safavid artists, wood carving, Silversmith, Illuminated manuscript and Gilding, painting ,Tong Bori etc. is the remarkable feature of this resemble.

Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble consists of four yards: garden yard (the biggest one), big yard of the complex, around which the collection of main buildings are located, small yard, between garden yard and big yard and finally south yard or Shahidgāh.

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