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256-Wind turbine transformer

The wind turbine transformer is an example of Iranian indigenous achievements that before its production cost more than $ 50 million annually for its import, but after its mass production, not only had an optimal currency for the country but also made Iran one of the exporting countries These transformers have converted.
Domestically produced wind turbine transformers have a global Group A quality and can compete with foreign models. Even in some design and quality parameters, compared to the similar model made by Western European companies, it has advantages such as low thermal jump, maximum oil and average winding of about 10 degrees Celsius.
It is worth mentioning that today the discussion of electricity generation in clean and renewable energy power plants such as wind farms is one of the priorities of any country’s electricity industry, so we can boldly claim that the high power of this product and its ability to install wind turbines is one of the rarest features. The features of this transformer are completely Iranian.

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