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246 – Fath missile

Fath missile is a title that experts in the defense industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran have placed on a new missile from the Fateh family of missiles.
The approximate dimensions of the Fath missile are 4 meters in length, 30 centimeters in diameter and weighing about 1,500 kilograms.
In the design of this missile, like the Raad-500 missile, a non-metallic body with carbon fibers is used, and the reduction in weight and size of the Fath missile compared to other missiles of the Fateh family has caused 2 or 3 of them to be carried by one vehicle.
The Fath rocket launcher has one major difference with other ballistic missile launchers in that it is a civilian and camouflaged launcher capable of carrying and firing two missiles simultaneously.
The Fath missile, which is a scaled-down version of the Fateh family of missiles, will bring more firepower to the missile unit, along with accuracy and punching. At first glance at this missile and examining its appearance, what can be seen is that its appearance is similar to the missiles of the Fateh family, because the shape of the missiles of this missile includes stabilizing and guiding missiles at the end and beginning of the missile and the shape of the warhead is very similar to the missiles of the Fateh family. Is.
Of course, the warhead of the Fath missile compared to the warhead of the Fateh-110 single-cone missile seems to be due to the smaller size of the missile. So far, no official information has been released about the specifications of this missile, but considering the location of the Fath missile next to the Fateh family missiles in the Ministry of Defense missile exhibition, especially the Fateh-110 missile, and comparing the dimensions of this missile with the Fateh-110 missile, it seems The dimensions of the Fath missile are approximately less than half the size of the Fateh-110 missile.
Assuming that the dimensions of the Fath missile are half the size of the Fateh-110 missile, given the length of 8.8 meters and the 61-centimeter diameter of the Fateh-110 missile, the Fath missile can be about 4 meters long, about 30 centimeters in diameter and weigh. About 1500 kg was considered for it.
Fath missile At the Ministry of Defense missile exhibition, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled the Raad-500 tactical ballistic missile, which was a missile developed from the Fateh-110, but with one fundamental difference; In this missile, using solid and light composite fuel propellants called Zuhair, as well as a non-metallic composite body using carbon fibers, the weight of Raad-500 missile was reduced by one half compared to Fateh-110 missile, but at the same time its range was reduced to Due to the lightness of the missile, it increased by 200 kilometers.
In view of the above, it is conceivable to use a non-metallic body with carbon fibers to reduce weight in the Fath missile; On the other hand, in this missile, there has been a reduction in size, which can cause 2 or 3 of them to be carried by one vehicle; This issue was rejected in the recent exercise of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
During the 14th Revolutionary Guards rehearsal, images of a new Fateh family of ballistic missile launchers were released, along with missiles smaller in size than the Fateh missile.
Now, with the release of the images of the Fath missile, it can be said that the new missile fired in the recent IRGC exercise was the same Fath missile, which is smaller than the Fateh-110 and has been placed on the launcher vehicle in the form of two aircraft. The launcher of this missile, which had a similar appearance to commercial vehicles, had a major difference with other models of the conqueror missile launcher, which was the ability to carry and fire two missiles simultaneously.
The civilian and camouflaged launcher of the Fath missile in the recent IRGC exercise was important because the two-launcher launchers of the Fateh or Zulfiqar family had previously been mounted on chassis with a fully military appearance.
The use of civilian-looking launchers allows the movement and movement of the missile unit away from the enemy and with the assurance that the firing point and the movement of the missile units will not be exposed.
Increasing the missile firepower of operating units is one of the important issues that have significant effects on the battlefield; This can be achieved by using multi-role ballistic missile launchers and, of course, using smaller missiles that are more tactical (such as the Fath missile) and bring more firepower and accuracy to these units.

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