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237-Fajr Sniper

Fajr 224 can be considered the most modern weapon made by the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
This weapon is made by reverse engineering method of M-4 weapon.
The Iranian Fajr, like the M-4, is armed with 5.56 mm bullets and can use 20- and 30-barrel bullets.
The weight of Fajr weapon without ammunition is 3 kg and 200 g.
The Iranian Fajr weapon has a length of 838 mm and a tube length of 370 mm, and its mechanism of action is similar to that of Khyber and the fight is based on direct gunpowder gas with a rotating lock.
This weapon also has rails for various types of cameras, laser aimers, flashlights and other essentials. The butt of this weapon is also movable and its size can be changed according to the needs of the mission and the size of the shooter.

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