229-Abu Rihan Biruni Observatory

It is located on a hill in the Eram dormitory of Shiraz University at an altitude of 1734 meters above sea level.
Abu Rihan Biruni Observatory was established by Dr. Yousef Sabouti in collaboration with Dr. Francis Ganin (Edward) in 1977.
This observatory has a reflector telescope with a diameter of 51 cm and is also equipped with a light meter and a computer.
It currently has 4 members – the head of the center, an expert, a technician and a guard –
the programs of this observatory:
1.Conducting professional research and observations in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, 2. providing training in astronomy to different levels of education,
3. conducting various researches in the field of astronomy, astrophysics and observation,
4. designing and manufacturing astronomical instruments and holding workshops and seminars
the facilities in this Observatory:
1.A 12-inch telescope equipped with a CCD camera,
2. An 8-inch Schmidt camera (for photography),
3.An 8-inch Casgreen telescope,
4.Two 5-inch reflecting telescopes (for public affairs)
5.A 4.5-inch Newton reflection telescope
6. A 60 mm Galileo’s Telescope

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