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190-Nuclear Fusion Research Center

Nuclear Fusion activity in Iran began in 1975 in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Since 1970’s, various devices such as: Tetaping, Alvand Tokamak, Damavand Tokamak, Dena focal plasma were installed in this research center
In 2000s researchers in this research institute continue their specialized activities by focusing on the following projects:
laser melting, making 100 joules laser and target micro-spheres, making IECF device, making three focal plasma devices in different energies with the name of Plasma Research Institute and nuclear fusion.
Iran is the only country in the Middle East that is active in the field of nuclear fusion.

Core Competencies and Objectives

– Design and manufacturing of various electron and high energy ion generator devices, target microspheres (micro particles).
Design and fabrication of interaction chambers for the interaction of high energy lasers, electron beams and ion beams with mater for nuclear fusion.
– Research in the field of nuclear fusion process in hot – dense plasma, through magnetic confinement, such as Tokomak device, in order to achieve nuclear fusion machines
– Generation Design and construction of various plasma focus devices
– Design and construction of an experimental high temperature superconductor laboratory samples
– Design and construction of the plasma coating systems
– Design and construction of the electrostatic confinement device
– Simulation and design of plasma sources
– Simulation and analysis of high-power laser-plasma interaction

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