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186-Rakhash personnel carrier

This personnel carrier is designed for high speed on the roads which has good mobility on rough roads and can carry 10 persons.
Rakhsh “is armed with a 12.7 mm automatic machine gun (DShK) inside its cabin.
The body of this armored vehicle is made of heat resistant alloys and light multi-layers it has increased the resistance of the carrier against all kinds of rockets.
Other features of the carrier:
Having Smoke grenades, CBRN defense system and ceramic armor to defend against 14.5 mm caliber bullets.
It can carry 10 persons
– Number of passengers: 2 + 8 (two crew members, driver and shooter)
Length: 6.67 meters
– Width: 2.40 meters
– Height: a little more than 3 meters
– Weight: 5600 kg
– Maximum displacement: 9 tons
– Engine: MAN D0824 LF09
– Engine power: 155 hp
– Power transmitter: 62s50
– Brake system: via air pressure
– Maximum speed: 100 kilometers per hour

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