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185-Handgun holster: Zoaf

The first experience of the Iranian Armed Forces in the manufacture of small arms
Zaaf is a 9 mm semi-automatic rifle made by our Iran’s defense industry which was built one year after the official end of the imposed war in 1990. The name of this weapon means very deadly which can be considered very appropriate due to the high power of this weapon.

This shotgun fires 9.19mm parabolic bullets. This rifle is an advanced example of the German Zigzag P226 weapon.

Other features of the gun:
Caliber: 19 × 9
Length: 180 mm
Height: 132 mm
Width: 33 mm
Tube length: 99 mm
Gam Khan: 1 round in 245 mm
Number of Riflings: 6
Distance gap between degree to Iron sights: 144 mm
Weight without Magazine: 640 grams
Weight with empty Magazine: 740 grams
Capacity: 8 bullets

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