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177-Herz-9 Air Defense System

herz is a short-range anti-aircraft missile system with High mobility”, and it can be used at night .
This system also has the ability to connect to the country’s air defense network.
the defense system Acts passively.
this defense system Relying only on the radar receiver, the system receives the return waves from the targets in the sky and performs the task of detecting and tracking the target based on them.
It is impossible for the enemy to locate it.
Another advantage of passive systems is the impossibility of electronic disruptions by enemy electronic warfare systems in them.
In addition to optical and thermal sensors, this system also has laser rangefinder (and perhaps tracker).
This system can also destroy many cruise planes and missiles that are capable of diving into critical targets.
other features of the system:
Having the accuracy of calculating firing parameters and also correcting the target position by providing accurate inputs, tracks and Laser guidance from the most resistant systems in Electronic warfare conditions.
having Ability to track goals passively with full mobility.

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