180-Pishgam Space probe

This space is used to study the atmosphere, data are taken from the middle layers of the atmosphere and its various layers.
it consists of four parts:
1. An Engine consisting of tail rack components, FINS, height adjustment block, motor and nozzle
2. Launch platform
3. Ground stations to communicate and receive real-time information
4. A consignment consisting of components of a biological system service system (electronics, telecommunications, and processing), separation of structures, and recovery of living organisms.
Goals achieved by using kavoshgar space capsule:
Access to altitudes of more than 120 km, sending living organisms (monkeys) with human-like physiology, localization of design technology, construction and launch of biological capsules, cargo retrieval process, telemetry of environmental data, biological data and images in all stages of launch and determination of loads The acoustics of the chamber.

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