“The results of first Iranian Coronavirus drug testing”

These days, with the spread of the new Coronavirus across the world, our knowledge based companies that have so far been able to lift the country out of economic problems, have entered to help control the Covid-19.
On 19 Esfand 1398 some reports have been released by Iran’s Science Community about working on clinical trials of two antiviral and two complementary drugs to reduce the symptoms of Covid-19.
More details were provided by Mr. Karami, spokesman of the Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology. “In the course of our efforts to fight the Coronavirus, we have reached an agreement with two drug companies to manufacture Covid-19 antiviral drugs and two companies to produce complementary drugs to reduce the symptoms of this virus,” he said. These companies, all of which have a good record in producing similar drugs, were able to successfully complete the animal testing process by 14 Esfand. These companies have begun clinical trial procedures at the Food and Drug Administration early this week and have so far achieved satisfactory results. “As the process continues, we hope we will bring good news for our people.”

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