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160-The supercomputer of Amirkabir University of Technology

Building the Amirkabir supercomputer began with the investment of Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology and the Amirkabir University of Technology in early 1388. Department of electrical and computer engineering participated in this project, too. The system has a microprocessor with 288 homogeneous compute nodes and has more than 4,600 processing cores.
The sum of computing power is 89 billion operations per second, including 42.5 teraflop of main processors and 46.5 teraflop of auxiliary processors.
Its communication network operates at 40 MB/s and its main memory is over 9 TB. Its current storage capacity is 160 TB. This supercomputer is able to connect to the national super-computing network (grid) and can seamlessly monitor the hardware components.
The supercomputer is also capable of solving practical and engineering questions that require complex computing. That’s why from the beginning of designing this system, a team of experts has been working to implement the software required for practical and academic centers as well as the industry sector. So far over 60 applications such as engineering software, molecular dynamics software, ERP and CRN software, RENDERING software and database software have been installed on this system.

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