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159- “Sina Robotic Surgery System”

Sina robotic surgery system, a flex model developed by Tehran University researchers, is one of Iran’s achievements in this field.
The robot, which is the result of a 15-year effort of Tehran University of Medical Sciences’ specialists at the Biomedical and Robotics Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, can be used in a variety of surgical procedures (animal models) in the abdominal cavity and chest even remotely.
The main parts of the robotic surgery system:
• Remote console of the robotic surgical system
• Surgeon robots on patient’s bedside
The surgical console records the surgeon’s hand movements and robots on the patient’s bedside perform precisely the surgeon’s movements on the patient.
The connection is made using the Internet, so the surgery can be performed anywhere in the country even far away on an ocean liner.
Sina’s unique robotic surgery capabilities:
• The feedback and transfer of tactile sense from the patient’s operation area to the surgeon’s hands who is at a distance
• Connecting to one or both sides of the surgical bed (depending on the operation) and moving with the patient during the surgery
• Using conventional surgical tools and no need for expensive and special tools
• Ability to change the surgeon posture from standing to sitting and vice versa during the surgery
• No need for high maintenance costs annually unlike foreign models
• Less than half the price of the only similar model made in U.S.
The new model is called flex surgery.
Sina surgery robotic system was unveiled on 3 Day 1397 for the first time in the venue of Tehran permanent International exhibitions.

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