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158-“Yooz”, the Powerful Iranian Armored Vehicle

Yooz armored car is equipped for police forces in border crossing and it is retrofitted against G3 bullets with a caliber of 7.62 and the lead core. Its body design is encapsulated and made with minimal welding lines.
The glass used in Yooz has at least five layers of poly carbonate, which prevents the glass from spreading and bullets hitting the people. On the roof of the car is a turret with armor and glass windows with the ability to rotate and install a variety of light remote control guns.
Number of the car occupants is 7 plus the driver.
It also enjoys features such as global positioning receiver, front and rear view cameras and night vision cameras can be added as requested. Its empty weight is 2700 kg and can carry up to 1000 kg.
The engine of this car is 4200 cc. It delivers 129 horsepower at 3800 revolutions per minute. Two 90 liter petrol tanks are also available for this car, which reaches a top speed of 105 km / h.
The length, width, and height of the car are 2.11, 2.03 and 5.35 m respectively and it can be transported by a C-130 aircraft. The rear suspension is reinforced and can be used with anti-puncture tires.



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