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157-“Binalood Wind Farm”

Binalood wind farm is a wind farm situated in Razavi Khorasan province of Iran near the city of Nishapur. It currently uses 43 turbines with a generating capacity of 660 kW to produce 28.2 MW of electricity using wind power. The area of the farm is over 700 hectares (1,700 acres). The project was initiated in 1381 and the farm came online with 43 turbines in 1386. The plant was built by Renewable energy organization of Iran.
Finding the site is very important for building a wind farm to get the most out of the wind power.
The initial information for the construction of the Binalood wind farm was started by the Hussein Abad weather station and its preparatory work began in 1374. The information obtained from the station was provided to the engineers and after numerous studies the current location was selected.
The wind tunnel in this area starts from Imam Taghi and continues to the Sabzevar desert, where the wind farm is located at the mouth of the tunnel, making the most use of the wind power.
The next important point after selecting the location is how to arrange units to make the maximum use of the wind power. Of the several designs presented, finally the 6 × 10 layout was selected.
The plant is currently being expanded by adding 50 more turbines, each with a capacity of 660 kW, increasing its total capacity to 61.2 MW.

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