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155-Baher; the world’s heaviest operational sniper rifle

The Jihad Self-Sufficiency Organization of NEZAJA unveiled its latest defense product, Baher-23 mm very-heavy sniper on 1394. The 23 mm caliber sniper rifle can hit targets within a range of 4 kilometers with anti-armor bullets. Baher weighs 62 kg and requires 3 crew for firing. It is used in anti-aircraft weapons and fighter bombers. But the point that makes it superior to other snipers in the world is its barrel which is taller and has many more riflings which increases the speed and accuracy of the bullet.
Baher is more than 1.5 meters long. The bullet type is designed for two basic uses, one of which is to destroy helicopters and the other to target protected vehicles. But alongside these uses, the Iranian sniper can destroy reinforced trenches, watchtowers and almost everything the ground force possesses. It is a nightmare for enemies.

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