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154- Production of intelligent polymers to optimize energy consumption

Researchers at Tabriz Petrochemical Research and Development Unit, using biocompatible materials, have succeeded in producing intelligent polymers that lead to optimization of energy consumption, saving energy production costs and reducing environmental pollution.
Encapsulated Polymers with Phase Change Materials (PCMs), as a clean and renewable energy source, have been the subject of much research in industrialized and developed societies.
Phase Change Materials are materials that can absorb, store or excrete the energy as a result of the phase change.
The use of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) has the highest share in the construction industry compared to other applications.
The purpose of this study is to produce this class of intelligent energy-saving polymers for use in the construction industry.
In this project, a new generation of biocompatible materials are synthesized.
These materials were encapsulated in a polymeric shell and their performance were tested inside of the building.
The results of thermography tests have demonstrated energy-saving inside these polymers.
Thus, daily building energy consumption is saved about 20% by using this polymer.
Therefore, the cost of making this polymer is economically justifiable.
The results of synthesis and various tests on Nano-synthetic capsules show that these samples have a core-shell morphology and are completely spherical in shape with narrow particle size distribution.
Also The energy storage by the Nano capsules is optimal at about 68 kJ / kg.
These polymers are used in various industries including construction, textile, electronics, agriculture and medicine.

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