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152- Sight measurement glasses with variable focus lens

The sight measurement glasses with variable focus lens, the tool for more accurate eye scoring, have been invented.
This device has only three lenses. In this tool, the relative displacement of two lenses with two different lathe types replaced the function of 60 lenses in the lens box. Also, the displacement of the third lens with a different lathe type is doing the function of 40 other lenses in the box.
Therefore, the movement of these three lenses determines the score of the eyes of those with hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.
Its performance is similar to that of phoropters, retinoscopes and trial frames currently available to ophthalmologists with the lens box.
The difference is that the tool is smaller and includes all the capabilities of the previous equipment in a trial frame with fixed triple-lens. So it is easier to move and more economical.

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