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141- “Iranian frigate Jamaran-2”

Designed and manufactured by the marine industry experts in Ministry of Defense, the advanced Jamaran-2 destroyer enjoys the latest navigation equipment and sophisticated domestic defense system.
The Advanced Jamaran-2 destroyer is the second prototype of the Iranian Moudge-class frigates. This vessel which is capable of defending, attacking and intercepting aerial, surface and subsurface targets simultaneously; is armed with anti-aircraft missile system, the cruise missile system, the drone system, the 76 and 40 mm gun system, radar processing system and tactical surface and air radars. The destroyer is equipped with a comprehensive battle management and forestry system and is capable of carrying helicopters.
Using shaft and variable-pitch propeller to increase maneuverability; using fire control radar capable of tracking fighter jets and cruise missiles; simultaneously fighting air, surface and subsurface battles, using a comprehensive battle management system through a network of sensors, radars and weapons in order to track, detect and select the target, choose the optimal weapon and assist the commander in deciding and allocating the weapon for the target; using monitoring control system to control and coordinate the operation between the engine, shaft, propeller and navigation; and using a powerful propulsion system to provide the optimum speed are the highlighted features of jamarn-2.
Here are the general characteristics of Jamaran-2: 49.94 m long, 07.11 m wide, 62.7 m high and 2.3 m deep. Surface-to-surface missiles, surface-to-air missiles, 76mm and 40mm gun systems, Valfajr torpedo, rocket launchers, machine guns and individual weapons are embedded in the destroyer.

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  1. Bell 214 simulator – it was built under project Qader-3 and it had cost Iran 17 billion and 500 million rials. Asr (radar) – Asr radar is described by Iranian officials as a S band naval three-dimensional phased array radar with a range of 200 km and capable of simultaneously identifying and intercepting 100 targets at water level or above, this radar will be installed on Jamaran frigates.

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