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136- “Sahand destroyer”

The Sahand destroyer is the second ship of Moudge class. In terms of time, it takes one fifth of the time to build the Jamaran destroyer. The material used for the construction of this vessel is a special material with a stealth technology. Having a very strong structure and an increased flight deck, it is less likely to be hit by enemy radars and can sail for 150 days with the backup vessel in distant oceans and turbulent waters.
Enjoying updated torpedo launchers, all kinds of anti-aircraft guns and anti-surface missiles, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missile systems, point defense system, anti-aircraft system, increased operating range, ability to receive H-3 helicopters and high maneuverability are among the destroyer’s features. One of its equipment is Kamand system, which is long-range cannon that can shoot 4,000 to 7,000 rounds per minute. It is capable of destroying targets 4 km away and defends itself.
The vessel is named “Sahand” in the memory of the Iranian destroyer involved with US navy fleet in the Persian Gulf in 1367.

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