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134- “Production of nanocarriers capable of drug delivery in cancer treatment”

Smart nanocarriers can reduce unwanted effects on the body by properly transporting the drug to the cancer tissue and preventing it from being released into healthy tissues.
Bortezomib, with trade name of VELCADE, is used to treat a variety of cancers, including multiple myeloma. This drug causes numerous side effects in treated patients due to its mechanism of action and the drug dosage which is painful and bothersome for the patients.
Given the advances in medical science, drug delivery through nanocarriers can be a good idea to overcome these limitations and problems.
The new designed nanocarrier is suitable for drug toxicity and it can target tumor tissue with a mechanism of “increased permeability and maintenance”. Liposomal formulations are prepared in a way that their presence in the blood stream has increased therefore have sufficient time to accumulate in tumor areas. On the other hand, the lipid matrix that forms nanoliposomes is such that it does not allow the drug to exit the liposome as long as it circulates in the blood.

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