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130- “Tariq class submarine”

Tariq is Iran’s third kilo class heavy submarines that joined the navy in 1371. Reconnaissance operations are considered to be its primary tasks. The submarine has a new gas release system and its outer hull is covered with a layer of sound-absorbing rubber or anechoic plating to reduce its detection.
Estimates show that the speed of submarine when moving at sea level is about 19 km/h and it is able to sustain speeds of 32 km/h while submerged.
Accordingly, these submarines, due to their hull design and heavy class, are able to move at a maximum depth of 300 meters. Although estimating the range of movement varies in the surface or under the water, in both it reaches several thousand kilometers and with a speed of 7 knots, it is able to travel 12000 kilometers for 45 days. The Tariq submarine has a unique torpedo launching power, always ready to launch light and heavy weight torpedoes with six 566 mm torpedo tubes and 18 heavy weight torpedoes. Most of the time, the torpedoes are kept in a special place.
Torpedo tubes are designed in a way to fire torpedoes with active sonar system and a TV guide against two targets simultaneously. This system allows submarine crews to determine the torpedo’s path to a target directly and online. The sonar system used in launchers and launcher tubes of kilo class heavy submarines is capable of releasing 24 sea mines. It is also capable of firing 8 small surface-to-air missiles.
This submarine, whose main base is in Bandar Abbas, is Iran’s heavy class submarine with something about 73 m long and 10 m wide. These submarines are equipped with an MGK-400 sonar and dual-channel system that receives waves reflected from enemy buoys, thus detecting submarine communication waves that detect enemy active sonar signals.
Stay hidden from radar and tracking systems and remain undetected are the features of this submarine.

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