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122- “Produce scaffolds with nanostructures for tissue regeneration”

The researchers have developed the nano-structured scaffolds capable of long term culture of human stem cell that can be used to regenerate the damaged tissues. In biomimetic, by nature-inspired they make systems that can behave in their best way and mimic their pattern properties. The biomimetic scaffolds also mimic the ECM structure (extracellular matrix) and its properties.
Paying attention to the natural structure and the physical, chemical, and biological properties of ECM to achieve the best cell growth, its function and response after culture on ECM-designed scaffolds is very important. Accordingly, researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University have conducted studies in this area.
The results of this study have shown that the surface modification of substrates as an in vitro cell culture component with bioactive molecules such as proteins in the extracellular matrix or their peptides can be effective in modulating surface properties and inducing desirable processes in the cell.
The scaffolds made from peptide sequences play an important role in tissue engineering and regeneration.

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