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121- “Manufacturing a fully automatic dosimeter for measuring alpha particles”

Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas which is easily absorbed in the respiratory tract and since it can emit the alpha particles its inhalation is very dangerous.
The environmental laws have partially improved outdoor air quality, but little attention has been paid to indoor air pollution. Some developed countries, such as Switzerland and Germany, have done research on mapping high radon and low radon areas, but many countries do not have this information. Therefore, radon analysis is always needed in closed environments. Naturally, radon analysis requires devices that are capable of measuring alpha or radioactive radon particles at high speeds, yet with high accuracy and proportional to the size and capacity of the samples. Given that such a device with these expected capabilities does not exist in Iran, a fully automatic alpha particle (radon) dosimeter is first designed and manufactured in Iran by the Ebtekar Tajhiz Teb Yekta knowledge-based company.
A fully automatic alpha nuclear particle dosimeter is a device that is capable of measuring alpha or radioactive radon gas at high speeds, with high accuracy and proportional to the volume and capacity of the samples.
High reliability, simple operation, high accuracy, smooth and error-free movement on three axes, the ability to connect to the internet networks and transfer the information, neutron dosimetry, autofocus calibration to create high-resolution images, high speed performance, the ability to store information inside the national servers, online image processing used to understand the effects of alpha particle collision, … are other features of this device.

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