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104- “Haarp research program”

The Haarp research program has been launched as one of the most up-to-date technologies in the world by our researchers. Haarp is a technology based on ultra-powerful and ultra-short radio waves emission, the waves that their reflection and propagation at ionosphere -the upper layer of atmosphere- create an ion field or ion wave. In such a situation, the sent electromagnetic waves are again returned to the Earth. Using the ultra-short radio waves, this technology can be used to move the clouds, fertilize them, reduce drought and eliminate air stagnation. This project can make a huge revolution in climate change.
These waves have thermal and magnetic energy. So their energy can be concentrated at a particular point which can have different effects including the ability to move clouds, move air, and eliminate air stagnation. Haarp technology, of course, has many other uses as well for example it can be used in the study of continents or the discovery of minerals (including oil and gas). It is also said that this energy concentration can be used to stimulate earth faults even causing earthquakes.
Haarp is one of the top-secret projects in US and Russia that have this technology. They use the ultra-short waves to stimulate the ionosphere and make rain.

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