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86- “The industrial production of skin and eye bio-implants in Iran for the first time in the world”

Iran is the first country to undertake the mass production of eye bio-implants while the U.S. is the only other country to have the knowledge to produce this material.
The bio-implants are medical materials made of cells with a biological base compatible with body cells.
Skin bio-implants are used for treating burns and various kinds of sores caused by disease and surgery on body such as diabetic wounds, skin lesions after tumor removal, gum laceration, plastic surgery, bedsores, skin damage with ionizing radiation such as laser, breast cancer surgery and chemical damage.
Eye bio-implants are used to treat cornea sores and chemical damages to the eye.
The mass production of bio-implants would have major advantages including no need for anesthesia during surgery and having no more local bleeding or other side effects during the treatment period of chronic ophthalmic diseases.

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