71- Omid telecommunication satellite

“Omid satellite” is the first domestiacally made satellite in Iran, which has a research and telecommunication function, and all its equipments have been designed and manufactured at the Space Agency of Iran.

On February 30, 2008, on the thirtieth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory, the satellite has been placed in space orbit and it was 90 days in orbit and has been rotated about 1200 times in Earth’s orbit.
Omid is a lightweigh satellite and is located in orbit by satellite carrier “Safir 2”.
Omid has been placed in the Earth’s orbit with the aim of establishing satellite communications and ground stations, defining the orbital specification and remote sensing the specifications of subsystems.

The satellite was located at a height of 246 to 377 km above the Earth’s surface in the atmosphere and in down orbit (High-orbit satellites or ground rounded, which are very limited in number, are located at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers).
The satellite, based on the mission defined for it, lost its energy after a while due to friction and falled down.


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