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64- Production of herbal medicine “Angi Pars” for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers


The Iranian herbal medicine “Angi Pars”, which has an important role in treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, was unveiled in the country and introduced to the world medical community.
The totally Iranian medicine has a herbal basis and is produced by recombination of herbal medicine that are used in our culture.
Researches have shown that it is also effective for other wounds.

This drug is available for the first time in the world and it is particularly useful for diabetes, which has become one of the world’s major diseases and Its prevalence has spread.
Cutaneous leg pain is one of the most important problems of diabetes, which affects 10,000 people with diabetics each year and 75,000 diabetic people who get ulcers.
Angi Pars has been able to cure the most important complication of diabetes, which is problem in very small and tiny vessels, and according to the researches, it is also effective in making small vessels.
The medicine can be used in three types of oral, intravenous and topical.
Angi Pars has been devised by efforts of Iranian researchers for seven year.


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