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33- “The Naze’at 10 artillery rocket”

The Naze’at is an Iranian-made solid propellant short-range ballistic missile launched from a transporter erector launcher. The Naze’at 10 with a length of more than 8 m, a weight of 1830 kg and a range of 130 km can carry a 230 kg warhead. Its propellant weight is 865 kg.
This rocket can be fired from the Model 1 launchers with the Benz 911, the Model 2 launchers with the Benz 2624 and two rail self-propelled launchers with 2624.
The rocket has fins for stabilization in flight and has a CEP of around 500-1000 m (C.E.P (%): <5% Max. range). It is a composite solid propellant rocket with a fiberglass warhead.

33- “The Naze’at 10 artillery rocket”<<click image to download>>

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