38- “Producing Nano filters to absorb dust”

The Nano filters have been produced via Nano technology using Nano silver activated Carbon. This product can be used in car cabin filters, air conditioners and respiratory masks. This filter can also be used in the cement, steel and petrochemical industries.
A six-layer filter system is used in this product which is a combination of the activated Carbon, dust absorption layer and Nano materials yielding very high efficiencies of 99%. This Nano mask can effectively absorbs 99 % of different chemical gases such as CO and CO2.
The price is one-third and in some instances a quarter of European and foreign samples and is now distributed in pharmacies in Tehran.
Silver nano particles are used more in producing this filter and the Nano porous structure of active carbon is led to the absorption of gas.

38- “Producing Nano filters to absorb dust”<<click image to download>>

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