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26- “Producing copolymer manhole cover”

The co-polymer manhole covers, which are designed and reached the stage of industrial production thanks to the efforts of domestic experts, are used in our industry. New generation covers are made of compact plastic which would significantly reduce the weight making carting and installation very easy for the contractor.

The co-polymer manhole covers are the best options for replacing cast-iron and composite covers because of their cheap price, low weight, convenience in carrying and installing, good quality, diversity in production, high durability and being a non-recyclable item.
These covers enjoy a high flexibility due to the use of petrochemicals and the exclusive formula. This is while fiber reinforced composite manhole covers are not flexible at all, the risk of their breaking is very high and as the cars pass, they break and fall apart.
Enjoying the engineering design, being UV resistance, also being resistant to salt water and groundwater electrical resistance, ,beautiful and fit with urban design, no pollution and noise and being Eco-friendly are the advantages of using co-polymer covers.

26- “Producing copolymer manhole cover”<<click image to download>>


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