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2- Hoveizeh long-range ground-launched cruise missile

Iran’s Hoveizeh long-range ground-launched cruise missile is designed and built by specialists in defense ministry of Iran.
The missile has a range of over 1,350 km that is used against steady ground targets.
Defense Minister Amir Hatami said: cruise missile “Hoveizeh” has outstanding features with the following characteristics: preparation and rapid reaction, low flight altitude, high navigation accuracy and hit the goal and the power of destruction.
“Hoveizeh long-range ground-launched cruise missile shows the high capacity of Islamic Republic of Iran in the cruise missile defense field” he said.
“Achieving this technology – after SUMAR long-range cruise missile with the range of 700 km – is an effective step in improving capabilities of the armed forces and the country’s deterrence” he added.

2- Hoveizeh long-range ground-launched cruise missile<<click image to download>>


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