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4- “Fateh Mobin” Missile

“Fateh Mobin” missile is a new generation of 100% Iranian missiles. It is Equipped with advanced and intelligent explorer and can strike targets on both land and sea.

Defense Minister Amir Hatami said: Fateh Mobin is agile and has stealth, tactical and precision-guided capabilities. It is able to recognize specific targets in all hours of day and night, and in all environmental conditions and it can recognize enemy electronic warfare and strike them on both land and sea.

Fateh Mobin can be considered as the advanced generation of Iranian short-range missiles.

Fateh-110 and Fateh-313 missiles were previously produced by our Air Force specialists and were entered into the equipment cycle of armed forces.

Now with the production of Fateh Mobin, the number of Fateh family missiles has reached 3.

4- “Fateh Mobin” Missile
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