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7- “Artificial Trachea” With the help of tissue engineering

The first artificial trachea has been produced by the Iranian researchers through tissue engineering for the first time in the world.
The trachea is an airway which begins at the larynx and ends at the lungs.
This organ is 12 cm long and people injured in accidents and those who were admitted to intensive care units (ICU) and chemically wounded war veterans and those with respiratory problems and bronchial obstruction are major groups that would benefit from artificial Trachea.
This project has been one of the most difficult parts of building an organ because the production of tracheal cartilage is a very complicated operation.
Considering that trachea is not a simple physical duct and it is formed from complicated and crisp interior cover, so building an artificial trachea requires special technique that Iranian researchers have been able to achieve it.

7- “Artificial Trachea” With the help of tissue engineering
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